PCA are thrilled to have been paid the largest compliment by their piers and recognised for the best civil project in NSW in the class two category (1-5 million dollars). The award was for an incredibly challenging project in the snowy mountains at a remote location called Geehi, PCA’s challenge was to construct a platform in the side of the mountain and build access tracks for a new switching station on a part of the snowy mountain river project with the pristine Snowy Mountains National Park.



The Award

The project faced numerous challenges in design and construction however the largest challenge came from the environment, PCA regularly worked in arctic conditions and in fact the project had to be closed through winter due to the increasing risk of being “snowed in”. More can be read about this project in case studies “Geehi Tee Switching Station”.

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The Honourable Duncan Gay Minister for Roads Maritime and Freight presenting the award to the Directors of PCA